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Big Hopes Big Future is a programme that recognises the importance of a positive early home learning environment for children’s development.


Volunteers will receive additional BHBF training as well as the taking part in the Volunteer Preparation Course. They will work alongside parents to support children in a home learning environment.


The focus will be on the social, emotional and language development as well as daily living skills that children need to reach their full potential.


Other Home-Start schemes that are bringing BHBF to families have reported a significant improvement in ‘school readiness’ indicators.


If interested, we are currently recruiting new volunteers to take part in this innovative project and is happy to answer any questions about getting involved.



Telephone: 0131 553 7819

Mobile: 07391 701 521




Current Groups

Home-Start Leith & North East (HSLNEE) runs group in partnership with Dr Bell’s Family Centre, Junction Place, Leith.

They are by invitation, after referral. Current groups running:

  • Stay & Play
  • PEEP ‘Babies’
  • Baby Massage




Home-Start Leith & North East (HSLNEE)  are actively recruiting home-visiting volunteers for the next Volunteer Preparation Course. People who have parenting experience and are available to support a family for two – three hours each week are welcome to pop in to our Leith Walk office, phone or e-mail for more information.

The next Preparation Course for home-visiting volunteers will be starting end of August 2019.


Contact the office for more details


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